Fly Everything devlog #2 - Control schemes

Adding obstacles, goals and camera work.

The previous devlog is available here

I started trying to add more object types to the game as well as a very basic menu system that would be useful for testing during development. Like the prototype, touching anything other than platforms will kill the drone, there's a large orange barrier in the centre of the level and I fenced the whole screen in with a kill barrier around the edge.

One of the key differences I wanted between this and the game jam game that inspired it was larger levels. To accomplish that I'd need to have a camera able to follow the drone around a larger level. The game is supposed to have more of a problem solving feel than an action/ adventure title so I made a little camera zoom intro that shows the player the whole level before they start.

Moving platforms seem to be working correctly now but they were a real pain again. The theory sounds simple, when the drone lands on the platform, move the drone with platform.

I may make a godot tutorial in the future to cover moving platforms because it doesn't seem to be a well covered topic. I have a few added complications here that I think most games don't have to deal with:

  • Platforms can move in any direction.
  • It's only safe for the drone's feet to touch the platform. If any other part of the drone touches it then the drone is considered to have crashed.
  • Making contact with only one foot is considered a crash.